Many firms send a” Principal” or “Partner” to make a sales presentation to the Board about their company and what they are prepared to do.  Frequently, the decision to award the contract is based on that impression, and here is where problems can arise.


The person assigned to manage your campaign may not have the “background,” “know-how” or experience of the “senior” partner making the presentation. The client is unhappy… the “chemistry” is wrong… and the campaign is off to a bad start.  Ultimately, the success of the campaign is dependent on the person managing it, and here is where we offer a unique perspective. 


The Daniel P. Butler Company offers … well, Dan Butler.  If Dan is invited to meet with the CEO and Board of your organization to discuss the management of your campaign and the Butler Company is awarded the contract based on that presentation, then Dan is the person assigned to your campaign. By his own choice, Dan manages just two campaigns per year and meets with organizations to discuss their projects only when he is available to manage the proposed campaign.


He believes strongly that the individual meeting with the leadership of an organization should be the one ultimately responsible for the management of the campaign. While there are other members of the firm assigned to different duties, including research and proposal writing, Dan is totally responsible for every aspect of your campaign. In effect, he forges a partnership with the leadership of your organization and is with you every step of the way to the campaign’s successful conclusion.


Dan has led successful campaigns of all sizes in communities as small as Statesville, NC, to as large as Houston, Phoenix and St. Paul. It is unlikely that you could hire anyone to manage your campaign with our record of success in meeting campaign goals of various sizes — the smallest being $600,000 and the largest  $60 million with the average goal being $12 million.


If there is a “secret” to the success enjoyed by the firm, it would be attributed to experience in dealing successfully with organizations of all sizes as well as Boards of all types: large, small, “working,” “ceremonial,” generous, or even those not accustomed to “giving.”


Also, where it is not customary for a consultant to be involved actively in the solicitation of major prospects, where appropriate, Dan accompanies volunteers on major gift calls. And, in very select situations where he is deemed the “right person,” he is most willing to make calls alone.


This experience has served our clients well and enabled us to function successfully, with passion and sincerity, in communities of all kinds.