A feasibility study is the most effective way to evaluate in advance, the amount of money your organization can raise and whether your goal is attainable. It also establishes both strong and weak points in the salability of the project and your organization’s “case for support.”  Simultaneously, this study defines a time-phased plan of action outlining in detail what is needed to complete a successful campaign.


We assume full responsibility for the development and implementation of a time-phased campaign plan of action including preparation of the case statement, recruitment and training of campaign leadership, solicitation of key prospects and the coordination of timely report meetings.


A successful annual campaign is the lifeblood of any institution and critical to its success. We develop a broad-based campaign plan focusing on the solicitation of individuals, corporations and foundations augmented by a direct mail program reaching out to current annual donors, prospective new donors as well as the general public.


When it comes to soliciting major gifts, many capable individuals find this experience extremely difficult and even embarrassing. Recognizing this problem, we make the training of campaign volunteers, a special priority. As part of our training we utilize role play to help create a realistic situation involving a solicitor and a potential donor while presenting obstacles which a solicitor is likely to encounter. We cover every aspect of the solicitation process including where to conduct the meeting, how much to request, who should be involved and how much time should be spent.  We offer suggestions on how to deal with prospects reluctant to meet as well as the “art” of leaving the donor with a positive feeling when the gift received falls below the solicitor’s expectations.


Creating the environment for a fundraising campaign is critical to its success. We work with the organization’s leadership both board and staff in developing a list of tasks with corresponding responsibilities including a timeline which must be adhered to in order to ensure a successful fundraising campaign.


A strong and motivated Board is integral to the viability of any organization and critical to the success of its fundraising efforts. Working closely with staff and board leadership, we create a job description for the role of a board member and a methodology for the identification, education, cultivation and ultimately, the recruitment of candidates in a position to advance the goals of the organization.