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15 Steps Toward Successful Large Gift Solicitation

       by Daniel Butler

       Hints to help in the solicitation of large gifts.

So You're Thinking of a Capital Campaign?

       by Daniel Butler

       What you must consider prior to a capital campaign.

The Successful Capital Campaign: Soliciting Local Industry

       by Daniel Butler

       The do's and don'ts of soliciting local companies.

The Successful Capital Campaign: The Fundraising Feasibility Study

       by Daniel Butler

       The critical first step in planning a successful capital campaign. Discover the answers to questions which

       will determine your campaign strategy.

"The Successful Capital Campaign"

        by Daniel Butler

        What are the first steps on the road to victory?

"Choosing The General Campaign Chair"

        by Daniel Butler

        How does one identify and recruit the right person?

"Recruiting the Campaign Leadership Team"

        by Daniel Butler

        Who are the people you need to ensure success and how do you enlist them?

"The Solicitation of the Board"

        by Daniel Butler

        Why is this segment of the campaign so critical?

"Seeking the Pacemaker Gift"

        by Daniel Butler

        Where do you start and how do you maximize donor response?

"Soliciting Local Individuals"

        by Daniel Butler

        We know that individuals as a group contribute the most. Now, how do we get them?

"When the campaign is over... What are the next steps?"

        by Daniel Butler

        How do we build on the success of a campaign?

"Yes, there are $1,000,000 gifts out there"

        by Daniel Butler

        We know they are there because we have found them.

"Endowment, the future is now!"

        by Daniel Butler

        The answer to ensuring an organization's long-term financial security.

"Case Studies" (Newport News, VA; Decatur, IL)

        by Daniel Butler

        What were the challenges in each situation and how were they overcome?

The Wired Wealthy

       This research study during 2010 outlines what your high net worth donors expect and care about online.