The prospect of a capital campaign can be a challenging experience for any organization.
For Board members, it can mean additional time and a greater financial commitment as well as the added pressure to “produce measurable results.”
For the CEO, it will present questions like:
“Can we raise the funds to operate the new facility?” … “Will we need additional staff?” …
“Suppose we fail?”


The following are some of the comments a CEO hears most frequently and for which he/she must have ready answers.

“Now is not a good time. The economy is lousy.”

“Our organization does not have the necessary visibility to mount a campaign of any size.”

“Our Board is not strong enough.”

“We have a tough enough time raising operating money. How can we even think about a capital
      campaign. Plus, raising capital funds could hurt our annual campaign.”

“The risk factor is too great. If we are unsuccessful, it will hurt our image and our regular donors,
      not to mention, the public will never forget our campaign failure.”

“How urgent is our need? Couldn’t we get by with our present facilities for a few
      more years?”




The Fundraising Feasibility Study


You will be able to provide answers to these concerns and others by preparing what is typically the first step in the capital campaign process, a Fundraising Feasibility Study.

The Fundraising Feasibility Study will provide answers to the following questions:


    How much money can be raised by your organization over a three to five year
      pledge period?

    Who are the potential major donors to the campaign?

    In the opinion of potential major donors, how strong is your institution’s “case” for support?

    Who are the individuals prepared to assume leadership roles in the proposed
      capital campaign?

    Are they the leaders we need to be successful?

    How long will it take to complete successfully the proposed campaign and what is the
      estimated campaign cost assuming fundraising counsel is hired?

    What is your campaign’s “plan of action?”


In addition, the Study will provide specific in-depth responses to other issues which can enhance or jeopardize the success of a campaign. It defines both strong and weak points in the salability of the project as well as defining a time phased plan outlining in detail what will be needed to complete a successful campaign.


Based on the input received, we shall be able to project the total giving within a range of 10%.


We have prepared more than 100 of such studies and would welcome the opportunity to help you with yours.